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34T (Thirst-for-thrill) is a producer and boutique international sales agent.

We bring enthralling, impactful narratives with commercial elements to create and promote content worth the audiences' time.


Our label focus on three axes:

1. Genre movies with strong thrill elements to become drama favorites.


2. Sci-fi Comedies – transport us to the gravity-free space afforded by enthralling good humor.

3. Humanitarian causes and visual arts films that immerse the audience into some of the most forgotten crises or artistic endeavors, our social responsibility must as a company.
​We work as partners, and our objective is to achieve 1. Artistic recognition for the director, talent, and production houses; 2. Engage the audiences through our outstanding, original story-telling proposals, and 3. Value for money generation for our partners and investors.

​Through our strong partnerships, we offer unique selling points such as are transparency, access to talent, and innovative marketing.



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