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Paul Venegas - Dramatic Thriller. 92' - Busan, Bafici Award, Oscar's Candidate Ecuador


Ecuador, Uruguay

Thriller, Drama



LEI and WONG arrive clandestinely in Ecuador. She has only one objective, to reach New York. In contrast, he longs to bring his son from China. But their fate is in the hands of CHANG, a bipolar gangster who becomes obsessed with her and will set them at a crossroad. Together they will fight for their freedom.

EMPTINESS portrays the emotional experience of the migrant in search of their dreams and their struggle to preserve their dignity.


Best Ecuadorian Film, Guayaquil; Ecuador Candidate to the Oscars; Best Latin American Film BAFICI; Candidate to Best Fiction Film, Platino Awards. Busan Official Selection.  Guayaquil, Chicago Latin Film Festival, Osaka Film Festival

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